About Vision Gallery and its artists

While the physical gallery at Blackboys has reverted to being my studio for Liz Hankins watercolours, house portraits, illustrations and watercolour lessons, I hope that you will enjoy browsing the website where you can purchase using PayPal. Alternatively most items are available at Vision Gallery in Blackboys which is open for visits by arrangement. So do contact me and visit if you are local!

Here is a sample of some (but not all) of the talented artists who have exhibited in any one of the many Vision Gallery shows since I started opening my studio in 2005: Iris Davies, Sam Maund, Fay Hankins, Sara Jamieson-Ngan, Bridget Davies, Ursula Stewart, Josie Heasman, Jackie Summerfield, Kerry Hastings, Chris Shepherd, Tim Gill, Helen Martino, Helen Sinden, Leila Godden, Louisa Crispin, Andrea Crook, Katherine Lawrie, Jean French, Robin Earl, Jasmina Boustany, Julie Turner, Anne Schilk, Stephen Henderson, Angela Dewar, Tracie Wolstenholme, Claire Johnson, Tim Feltham, Joe Gillespie, Maureen Giling, Di Blackden, Madeleine Bradbury, Nathan Waters, Katie Brinsley, Vicky Flavell, Tina Heathwood, James McIlvenny, Chris Pellett, Luminosity Glass, David Baker, Gordon Ferrie, Alex Leadbeater, Rosalyn McGlone, Adrienne Kriel, Christine Mead, Gordon Murdoch, Neil Gow, Martin Ash, Les Coldrick, David Skinner, Rob LIttleford, and of course me, Liz Hankins.